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Instagram Repost Guide

Ahhh.. Instagram.

We could get lost in your stream of phenomenal travel pictures and ridiculously well-curated galleries all day (and sometimes, we literally, shamelessly do).

With well over 800 million active users and 25 million business profiles currently on the platform, the Instagram game has never been stronger.

Though this may be the case:

The reality is that more and more Instagram users are feeling frustrated by the platform’s inefficiencies and limitations.

It’s all well and good if you’re just snapping some shots, flinging on a few filters, and punching in hashtags; but what about when it comes to adding graphics, creating grids, managing multiple hashtag templates, and reposting other users’ pictures?

And what of the users who are doing this not just for their own personal Instagram, but for multiple business accounts?

That’s when things start to get a little bit more complicated (and by a little, we mean a lot).


Add that to the much-heard complaints about image compression and loss of resolution, and it’s easy to understand why so many Insta-users are getting fed up.

The answer? Repost. 

Not only does the app allow you to repost other users’ snaps, it also addresses issues related to compression, loss of resolution, adding graphics, creating grids, and managing hashtags across multiple accounts.

In this article, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about how to use Rep0st- and why it just might be the solution to all of your Insta-woes.

First thing’s first: What is Rep0st?

Rep0st is one of the most simple and streamlined methods of reposting content on Instagram. We’re talking seriously simple; you don’t even need to relog into your Instagram account.

Users can:

  • use the app to snap pictures/videos straight from their phone’s camera
  • import a picture/video already on the camera roll
  • or repost a picture/video on another user’s Instagram by copying the URL

On top of this, Rep0st also has a range of other features that give you the ability to add graphics, borders, logos, watermarks, and create grids.

4 big benefits of using the Rep0st app

  1. Images won’t lose any resolution when uploaded to Instagram

There’s nothing worse than uploading a photo to Instagram only to find that it loses all of its sharpness and quality as soon as you post it onto your account.

This happens all the timebecause of Instagram’s automatic compression function, which brings down the size (and the resolution) of high-res photos and videos in a big, big way.

Thankfully, Rep0st offers a solution:

The app has its own clever compression function which means it’s able to bypass Instagram’s own compression system. Rep0st automatically resizes photos and videos to the size Instagram likes best, while still maintaining all of their sharpness and quality.

  1. Add borders, graphics, logos, watermarks, and grids to your Instagram pictures and videos

On top of being one of the easiest and quickest reposting methods around, Rep0st also comes with a ton of other features.

Think of it as a 4-in-1:

  • You can repost content
  • Add logos or watermarks to your images/videos
  • Split images into a mosaic using the grids function
  • Add text, borders, and graphics to your content

Normally, you’d need at least 2 or 3 other apps to get all of these jobs done; but with Rep0st you can streamline all of your work using one single app.

  1. Caption & hashtag functions

This function is a game changer for anyone managing multiple Instagram accounts or running an Instagram business account:

Rep0st has a ‘captions template’ option that lets you store up to seven pre-written captions and hashtag sets. This means you can save different hashtag combinations to use on your posts again and again without ever having to type them out by hand.

  1. Download and save posts to your iPhone

You can easily download and save photo and video posts directly to your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Copy and paste the post’s URL
  • Open the Rep0st app
  • Tap the ‘TW’ button
  • Select ‘save image or video’

This is the fastest way of downloading a post in its original resolution without needing to take a screenshot on your phone.

For a quick step-by-step guide on how to use Rep0st, just tap the ‘Help’ button while using the app. You can also head over to the Rep0st website and watch our instructional video.

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